Graduation 2015

posted on 14/01/2015

Fico congratulates its graduates 2015, good results & excellent research! Ready for one of the most exciting jobs in the world: welcome colleagues!


Internationaal Stem symposium EVTA

posted on 26/10/2014

Fico lecture @ the European Voice Teachers Association Symposium "Psychology & voice - Influences of emotion and stress on the voice and how to handle" in the Conservatory of Ghent.


Fico contributes in Uniting and developing osteopathy in Europe

posted on 02/11/2014

The first active collaboration between all four key European osteopathic organisations EFO, EROP, FORE & OsEAN, together seeking to secure the profession’s future in Europe.


Fico @ Berlin congress

posted on 07/12/2014

The latest insights on osteopathic Evidence Based Medicine, concentrated on the topic: 'Fluids & osteopathy'


Day of science

posted on 03/01/2015

Fico dissertation defence 2015:

Come and update your evidence based foundations of osteopathy.


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