Student exchange Metropolia University Helsinki 2014

posted on 19/10/2013

Registration for the yearly International week in Helsinki is now open, check out the details and get ready to pack and go on an osteopathic adventure!

The theme for Metropolia’s International Week from 10 - 14 March, 2014 is Creative Wellbeing. The registration is already open and we have set an early deadline in order to be able to organize better in advance: 8 November 2013.
The online registration form is available at
The university would be happy to have 2-3 students from FICO Belgium and FICO Poland each. Apply to go: fill in the form and mention what year of study you are in . If not all the details (arrival/ departure etc.) are clear yet, they can be added later.
Write a short motivational letter and send it in, motivational letters will be used to select candidates if more students apply than there are availible places.
As much information as possible about the rest of the week is on the wiki pages and more will be updated as the programme evolves:
You´ll find the week also on Facebook
Ice swimming included!
Invitation student exchange International week 2014

Student exchange CEESO Lyon 2013

posted on 05/10/2013

Widen your osteopathic horizons and go with the Fico student exchange to CEESO Lyon

October 21 to 25 is the Fico student exchange week set up for you in CEESO Lyon. CEESO is one of the top schools of France and an OsEAN member school.

Lectures are on short lever manipulations and pelvis & gynaeco techniques. The lectures fee is covered by Fico and teachings are in English.

For the moment only 4 places are still open for this exchange.

Meet the CEESO students and enjoy the city of Lyon.

Email to widen your horizons!

After examination beach party 2013

posted on 09/06/2013

A well deserved party after the examinations: Fico beach. Enjoy the beach bbq and prepare for the best after examination party of the year. Interested to experience Fico or just can't get enough of top level education? Visit the osteo care at the tournament

Real beach, real sand, real bbq, real party. Place to be: Zeebruges Event Beach, Westerdam 1, 8380 Zeebruges Belgium.

Make reservations for your bbq and wire the money a week before June 29th, price 15€ per person, veggie possible. Breakfast @ the beach 5€ per person, camp site & parking 10€ per person per night. The party is for free. Check out the site for accomodations. You will not be partying by yourself, 80 international rugby teams will bost the atmosphere. Each team has a specific dress code, so post your inspiration for the Fico party team dress code on Fico underground.

Fico provides osteopathic care at the tournament on saturnday & sunday. Drop by, talk with students, teachers & principals and see the management of acute & chronic sport laesions.

You want to join the osteopathic care team? just email.

See you soon and don't forget your shades.

Fico goes for the newest teaching strategies in Barcelona

posted on 04/05/2013

Fico is an active member of the OsEAN project Teacher Training. 6 Fico teachers went to Barcelona for training: improving osteopathic tutors skills and boosting students levels.

A good osteopath is not necessary a good teacher. That is why Fico trains it's teacher in the OsEAN Teacher Training programm. The module 'Clinical Tutor Part 1' was organised @ EOB (Escola d'Osteopatia de Barcelona) together with the OsEAN partner schools. Check out the different modules at the OsEAN website and come experience the newest teaching strategies at Fico.

Make an appointment and come and experience Fico.

European Standard

posted on 19/05/2013

FICO is helping to build the standards of osteopathy of tomorrow.

FICO helps other experts to build the CEN standards document on services for osteopaths. CEN is the European Committee for standardisation and Fico is an active member of the drafting committee. Meeting in London in the Osteopathic house. Surf the wave of future Osteopathic education.

Tomorrow's Osteopaths: state of the art curriculum

posted on 24/04/2013

“Tomorrow’s Osteopaths – Designing and Implementing an Osteopathic Curriculum" Fico strives to keep on improving, only top education is good enough

Fico attended the conference “Tomorrow’s Osteopaths – Designing and Implementing an Osteopathic Curriculum” @ the BSO on Saturday 20th April 2013

The British School of Osteopathy conference “Tomorrow’s Osteopaths – Designing and Implementing an Osteopathic Curriculum” was held at the Royal Society of Medicine, London on Saturday 20th April 2013.

This conference promised an invaluable opportunity for osteopaths, educators and health professionals to exchange ideas and explore advances for osteopathic education. The conference drew together leading academics and practitioners from the world of osteopathy with a view to driving forward educational development and practice. Key conference themes included Preparing Students for Practice, Managing Students and Evidence and Experience in Teaching.

Brand new teaching technologies are about to be incorporated at Fico.

Fico keeps on improving the curriculum, only the best is good enough.

Fascia kongres 2013

posted on 04/05/2013

Fico stands for evidence based osteopathy. That is why Fico participates in congresses. The OSD (Osteopathie Schule Deutschland) organizes a congress in Berlin, where Fico is an active partner. This years congress topic is 'Fascia'.

Click the link for more info or check out the flyer at Fico.

Subcribe by sending in the registration form.
The lectures and workshops are in English and translation to English is provided if lectures are in other languages. A detailed planning and workshop info is found on the site.
Fico setteled a good price for you: 360€ (instead of 430€). Mention the Fico price on your registration form.
A day of science is held the day before the congress .The best thesisses are presented that day. This is very interesting and inspiring for your own reseach and is a good preparation for your own thesis presentation. Last year Fico teacher Marije Wisse won the price for best research. This day of science costs 50€ extra and is worth it.
This year the congress weekend is also kept free in your Fico agenda and the Fico core teachers are present as usual.
Apart from the scientific aspect, this weekend also is a good Fico teambuilding weekend in a very active city.
Don't wait to register, since the places are limitedand nearly full.

Research Triangle Park

posted on 20/02/2013

Fico research departement goes to North Carolina to explore a new measurement device to potentially evaluate the cranial rythmic impuls

Fico research department goes to Research Triangle Park in Raleigh Durham in North Carolina to explore a new measurement device to potentially evaluate the cranial rythmic impuls or cranial rhythm. Fico @ front of osteopathic evidence based research. KYP

Student exchange programm

posted on 13/02/2013

Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Science invites Fico students to participate in the International week.

The Faculty of Welfare and Human Functioning welcomes you to participate in its 4th International Week from 4 – 7 March, 2013.

The Faculty has successfully organized International Weeks in the previous years where the students and teachers from our partner universities have had a chance to exchange knowledge and experiences in form of lectures, workshops and seminars.

Fico participated in the previous International week and recommends this experience!

The main theme of the International Week 2013 is 'Innovating for good'.

Fico is a member of OsEAn and as a student of an OsEAN member school you are welcome to apply to participate in this week.

The number of students is limited, first come first serve. Apply your candidacy.

Check out the preliminary shedule and be amazed : different teachers & topics

Download the Student Exchange Application Forms and widen your horizons.

Download the Student Exchange Application Forms Preliminary programme 2013

Publication of scientific work on CPPS

posted on 02/02/2013

Interesting publication on Chronic Pelvic Pain syndrome. FICO Science department. Click here for the link to the article.

Fico Treatise defence

posted on 12/01/2013

Fico Treatise defence 2013 with international jury in the Still lounge

Widen your horizons and update your scientific knowledge @ the fico treatise defence 2013, good luck to the students!

Leading edge technology for education

posted on 11/01/2013

Fico introduces leading edge technology for anatomy and medical imaging education

The Sectra visualisation table is a unique learning tool with real life patient's anatomy rendered from CT or MR images. This tool provides a virtual dissection with real-life cases in an efficient group interaction.

The 46 inch full multi-touch screen  allows you to explore in 3D, using state of the art tools like removing structures, powerfull zoom and exploring slices in 3D.

Check the trailer, welcome in the world of innovating education.

Antwerp 10 miles

posted on 02/01/2013

Fico gives you wings, use them for the Antwerp 10 miles 2013

On April 21th Fico runs the ANtwerp 10 miles, wire 20 euro on BE56 3770 3890 2188 with your name, Fico year and mobile telnr and check out
Questions, contact Gunther Kemel and go for it!

Fico wins award @ day of science

posted on 15/12/2012

Fico wins the first price @ day of science in Berlin, hosted bij OSD & DIU

Fico MSc student wins first price for the best Master of Science in Osteopathy, Dresden International University, thesis. Marije Wisse receives her price in Berlin at the day of science, hosted by the Osteopathie Schule Deutschland. Congratulations Marije and her tutor Sofie Geeraerts!

Fico after school activity February

posted on 15/12/2012

Fico after school activity saturday February 2nd: Bowling stones, bombs away!
Fico after school activity saturday February 2nd: Bowling stones. Bowling & stone grill / fondue (meat&fish), 1/2 bottle of wine & dessert for 36€ pp, Autolei 113 2160 Wommelgem, mail before 11/01, Bombs away!

Fico after school activity March

posted on 15/12/2012

Fico after school activity saturday march 2nd: Candlelight cruise in the port of Antwerp. See you soon Fico sailor!
Fico after school activity saturday march 2nd: Candlelight cruise in the port of Antwerp, with sunset view, 4 course menu, aperitive, wines & water, coffee&thee included, 66 euro pp, 19h30 embarkment, mail before 19/01. See you soon Fico sailor
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