Year 4: Cranio-visceral year 1

The first cranio-visceral year covers one academic year of 9 weekend courses, 1 recap day, 9 morning practice sessions and dissection courses. A weekend course starts on Friday at 9h30 with a morning practice session, followed by the courses from 14h until 19h. Saturday 8h30 to 19h and sunday 8h30 to 12h30.

Infra follows an introduction to visceral osteopathy. Click here to see an introcuction to cranial osteopathy. Remember this partition of osteopathy is merely a didactical partition. To merge the structural and cranio-visceral years, Fico has a 6th year or coordination year. Integration and coordination

Within the holistic concept of osteopathy this therapy consists of the study and treatment of the organs and intestines with their specific ligamentous and support systems (fascia) of the human body.

When an organ loses its freedom of motion, its function will decrease and complaints can occur. The FICO offers the possibility to acquire a thorough anatomical and physiological knowledge of the viscera in a 2-year training. Thanks to accurate clinical research methods and palpation techniques you will obtain a profound notion of the visceral pathology. Treatment consists of a sequence of subtle, soft and specific techniques which can be applied directly or indirectly. The most recent developments in nutritional ethics are addressed as well, so you can perform a therapeutic correction in this area as well.

Visceral osteopathy is a segment of osteopathy which covers:

The study of organs and intestines in an anatomical, physiological and pathological way, AND in relation to the craniosacral and structural pillars of osteopathy.

The study of the supportive and ligamentous systems of these organs

The study of the movement and the loss of movement (visceral fixations) of the organs, considering its effect on the body structure.

The study of subtle structural and functional organic mobilizations, reflex techniques, nutritional corrections and general hygiene to restore the loss of movement of the viscera.

In the course of  2 cranio-visceral years the basic theoretic principles and practical handling of the visceral concept are taught. This results in a profound holistic conception and a broad therapeutic spectrum, thanks to which professional satisfaction and success are no longer hollow concepts.

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