Student exchange Metropolia University Helsinki 2014

posted on 19/10/2013

Registration for the yearly International week in Helsinki is now open, check out the details and get ready to pack and go on an osteopathic adventure!


Student exchange CEESO Lyon 2013

posted on 05/10/2013

Widen your osteopathic horizons and go with the Fico student exchange to CEESO Lyon


After examination beach party 2013

posted on 09/06/2013

A well deserved party after the examinations: Fico beach. Enjoy the beach bbq and prepare for the best after examination party of the year. Interested to experience Fico or just can't get enough of top level education? Visit the osteo care at the tournament


Fico goes for the newest teaching strategies in Barcelona

posted on 04/05/2013

Fico is an active member of the OsEAN project Teacher Training. 6 Fico teachers went to Barcelona for training: improving osteopathic tutors skills and boosting students levels.


European Standard

posted on 19/05/2013

FICO is helping to build the standards of osteopathy of tomorrow.


Tomorrow\'s Osteopaths: state of the art curriculum

posted on 24/04/2013

“Tomorrow’s Osteopaths – Designing and Implementing an Osteopathic Curriculum" Fico strives to keep on improving, only top education is good enough


Fascia kongres 2013

posted on 04/05/2013

Fico stands for evidence based osteopathy. That is why Fico participates in congresses. The OSD (Osteopathie Schule Deutschland) organizes a congress in Berlin, where Fico is an active partner. This years congress topic is 'Fascia'.

Research Triangle Park

posted on 20/02/2013

Fico research departement goes to North Carolina to explore a new measurement device to potentially evaluate the cranial rythmic impuls


Student exchange programm

posted on 13/02/2013

Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Science invites Fico students to participate in the International week.


Publication of scientific work on CPPS

posted on 02/02/2013

Interesting publication on Chronic Pelvic Pain syndrome. FICO Science department. Click here for the link to the article.


Fico Treatise defence

posted on 12/01/2013

Fico Treatise defence 2013 with international jury in the Still lounge


Leading edge technology for education

posted on 11/01/2013

Fico introduces leading edge technology for anatomy and medical imaging education


Antwerp 10 miles

posted on 02/01/2013

Fico gives you wings, use them for the Antwerp 10 miles 2013


Fico wins award @ day of science

posted on 15/12/2012

Fico wins the first price @ day of science in Berlin, hosted bij OSD & DIU


Fico after school activity February

posted on 15/12/2012

Fico after school activity saturday February 2nd: Bowling stones, bombs away!

Fico after school activity March

posted on 15/12/2012

Fico after school activity saturday march 2nd: Candlelight cruise in the port of Antwerp. See you soon Fico sailor!

Fico Treatise defence



Weekend training in Osteopathy

Flanders International College of Osteopathy is known for its expertise since many years in training osteopaths. Having a degree in physiotherapy, medicine or an assimilated degree is an absolute entry requirement. The FICO college stands for a vision! The college does not aim for the largest quantity in students, but for the highest quality in training.

For a better understanding of our profession and education, we recommend making an appointment to visit the FICO college during a course weekend! Click here.

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The profession of osteopath obviously requires a continuous professional development. Therefore FICO offers a range of high standard postgraduate courses.

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